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Glacial Rx

What causes age spots, sunspots, and liver spots? Sun exposure and age! The sun stimulates the production of pigment (melanin) to protect us. That is why we tan. Tans fade, but as we age skin cell turnover slows and excess pigmentation accumulates and does not disappear on its own.

What is Glacial Rx?

Glacial Rx is a new noninvasive in-office treatment for the removal of age spots, sunspots and liver spots, and other excess pigmentation, and treatment suppresses the production of new pigment to even out skin tone. It also temporarily reduces redness by reducing inflammation which can lead to improvements in rosacea, melasma, and other pigmented lesions. Results are permanent but require you to diligently protect the treated skin to avoid developing new sunspots and discolorations.

Glacial Rx treatments address all types of hyperpigmentation in a spa like treatment with the results of an IPL fotofacial. Treatment also accelerates exfoliation of dead skin cells to reveal new radiant skin.

Who would benefit from Glacial Rx treatments?

Anyone with sun damaged skin can benefit. You may need more than one treatment if you have very dark spots to achieve your desired results. It is effective for all skin types and can be used any time of the year. 

How does it work?

Developed by the creators of CoolSculpting, Glacial Rx is the first and only treatment that uses Cryomodulationä a technique that uses controlled cooling technology to safely treat the root cause of these spots, excess melanin production. Treatment temporarily freezes sunspots and other discolorations to suspend melanin production. Old cells exfoliate and new cells form less pigmentation.

This proprietary technology delivers precision cooling to fight inflammation, brighten the skin, and normalize melanin production. Treatments reduce redness and age spots and accelerates exfoliation to reveal radiant skin. It is an FDA-cleared, Class II medical device.

Does it work?

92% of patients saw improvement at one month follow up.

90% of patients reported their skin was rejuvenated, brighter and more even at one month.

85% of patients reported their skin was refreshes or brighter after treatment.

What are the benefits of Glacial Rx treatments?

  • Removes age spots
  • Exfoliates, clearing away old skin
  • Promotes generation of new healthy skin
  • Evens skin tone
  • Brightens skin
  • Reduces redness
  • Calms inflammation
  • Provides lasting results
  • It is a comfortable, relaxing and refreshing treatment
  • It can be used to treat all areas of the body

How long does it take to see results?

The full benefits of a single treatment can take one to two months but effects may be apparent sooner.

What are the side effects?

Studies show low rates of side effects mostly redness and micro-crusting which resolve without treatment within a few days after treatment. There is no downtime.

Is it safe?

The Glacial Rx system has been studied in over 600 clinical study subjects without any device related serious adverse events.

Does treatment hurt?

Patients report that a 45-minute treatment provides an icy sensation that is refreshing, soothing and relaxing while it gently removes benign lesions and reduces pain, swelling and inflammation!

Anyone seeking to reduce the look of age spots may be a good candidate. If you are thinking about lasers, professional facials, or an IPL photofacial, think about Glacial Rx. It is easy, painless, and effective and works with no downtime.

At Avant Dermatology in the Oro Valley Arizona and Beverly Hills, Dr. Sheila Farhang always looks for the best new technology to maintain and restore your beauty and radiance. Contact her to schedule a consultation today.

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