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Skin Care Tips

Winter Skincare

Dr. Sheila Farhang was featured on NY Live’s segment, ‘Winter Skincare’. In the segment Ashley Bellman sits down with Dr. Sheila Farhang to learn ways in which to maximize and layer your beauty products. Click below to watch the...read more

In The Media

The 7 Best False Eyelash Glues

Dr. Sheila Farhang was featured in Harper’s Bazaar’s article, ‘The 7 Best False Eyelash Glues’. Here is an excerpt from the article, ‘“I personally see patients who come in for rash around the eyes or eyelids and they didn’t...read more

In The Media

Season 2 Episode 18: Dr. Sheila Farhang on her passion for travel, how she met her husband and the social media aspect of our industry.

Dr. Sheila Farhang was featured on Skinterview’s Podcast. Here is what to expect, ‘Nathan & George had a great time getting to know Dr. Farhang is paving her way in our industry with her entrepreneurial spirit and contagious energy...read more